Eton Mess

The British summer is coming closer and with it the hot weather, the roses, the lush gardens, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and with that the Great British classic, the mix of red juicy strawberries and thick onctuous cream. There are many variations to serve this but one of the big classics has to be the … Continue reading Eton Mess


I do very often have leftover eggwhites after my baking. As I hate wasting them I have started freezing them individually in an ice cube tray in order to have egg whites when I need them. This works absolutely beautifully! One of the desserts I can quickly whip up that way is the Pavlova. Australia … Continue reading Pavlova

(Individual) Chocolate -Raspberry Cakes – Tartelettes au chocolat-framboises – Schoko-Himbeer-Törtchen

I love serving these little cakes at dinner parties or for a posh afternoon tea!Very easy to make and such an elegant look!The association of velvety chocolate and tart raspberries is just heavenly.Recipe Individual Chocolate - Raspberry CakesFor about 8 pieces1 egg + 2 eggyolks125 g sugar100 g flour40 g chocolate powder1 tsp baking powder125 … Continue reading (Individual) Chocolate -Raspberry Cakes – Tartelettes au chocolat-framboises – Schoko-Himbeer-Törtchen

Sun Tartelettes–Tartelettes de Soleil

When it's cold and dreary outside you long for light and warmth. That is why I decided to do little clementine tartelettes. They have such a lovely colour and remind me of the sun. I was lucky enough to even have the sun out for a couple of minutes when I took the photo 🌞. … Continue reading Sun Tartelettes–Tartelettes de Soleil

Austrian Apfelstrudel – Strudel aux pommes

One of the most famous Austrian recipes is the Apfelstrudel. I am talking about the authentic one, not the versions with Filo or Puff pastry (these are certainly very good versions but can not be called Apfelstrudel). The Strudel dough is a very particular dough that needs to be stretched by hand. A well made … Continue reading Austrian Apfelstrudel – Strudel aux pommes

Austrian cut up pancakes / crêpes ratés de l’émpereur /Kaiserschmarrn

 I have spent the most wonderful time with my family in Salzburg, Austria and have come back inspired! With news from my beautiful country being in the deepest throws of winter with meters and meters of snow (which I can assure you they know how to handle) I had the urge to treat my family to … Continue reading Austrian cut up pancakes / crêpes ratés de l’émpereur /Kaiserschmarrn